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Revcontent Overview

Revcontent is a well-known advertising network and content marketing platform that specializes in Native Ads. They state that they help connect advertisers to “highly engaged audiences” through technology and direct partnerships with the world’s top digital publishers.

Revcontent’s content marketing and advertising platform is designed to allow content publishers to monetize their audience by providing website viewers with an innovative way of discovering news and useful products that are relevant to their interests.

In laymen’s terms, website owners can place Revcontent ad widgets on their site, which display ads purchased by advertisers using the Revcontent platform.

Revcontent makes money in the middle- between the money paid by advertisers and the money paid out to their publishers.

According to Revcontent’s LinkedIn page:

-The company was founded in 2013 by John Lemp.

-The current CEO is Richard Marques.

-Their headquarters is located in Sarasota, Florida.

-The company currently has 62 employees.


Revcontent Founder John Lemp

Before starting Revcontent, John Lemp also founded Clickbooth (now known as Perform[cb]) which by 2016 had already done over $1 billion in revenue, as per this Forbes article.

On his personal website, Lemp describes his start in online commerce, and the origins of the two companies:

When other teenagers were goofing off, my friends and I would stay up all night building websites. I took my passion for the Web to the Rochester Institute of Technology, earning a Bachelor of Science in information technology.

After moving to Florida to get out of the Snow Belt in 2002, I rented a one-bedroom apartment in Sarasota. My business partner and I cold-called potential customers, trying to develop an idea for a business.

Everything changed in 2004, when I read an article on cost-per-action advertising. Instead of charging for clicks, the CPA model only charged when customers clicked ads and took conversion actions. CPA spoke to my personal sense of fairness and my belief that everyone can succeed when they work hard. I founded IntegraClick, won over a few clients, and started watching the business take off. Within a few years, we were pulling in millions in annual revenue, and IntegraClick became a significant force in empowering small business.


How Do Revcontent Ads Work?/Revcontent For Advertisers

Advertisers can create Campaigns (referred to by Revcontent as ‘Boosts’) on the Revcontent advertising platform, which are made up of individual ads (which Revcontent refers to as ‘Creatives’). There are no ‘ad groups’ on the Revcontent platform.

Here are some screenshots of the Revcontent advertising dashboard:

Create Campaign Boost Screenshot


RC ad creation screenshot


Revcontent Targeting Options

Revcontent allows targeting by a number of variables, including:

-Location, including country, region, metro, and zip code

-Device type, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile

-Widget – so that advertisers can target both by site and by the specific widget within the site

-Browser language

Revcontent also recently integrated browser targeting which is a key tool for brands and advertisers wanting to target specific browsers, such as advertisers who provide installs or downloads of specific browser plug-ins/extensions along with other products.

Browser families that can be included or excluded in campaigns are:

-Google Chrome


-Internet Explorer

-Mozilla Firefox

In addition, Revcontent also allows advertisers to target their Push Notification inventory, and Adblocker inventory.


Above: Here is a video detailing how the RevContent Native Ad Traffic Network works.

Above: And a 2nd video on how to create an ad (or “Creative”) in the Revcontent dashboard.


Revcontent In The News

Many articles have been written about Revcontent during its years of operation. reported on Revcontent unveiling “the first-of-its-kind native video marketplace for advertisers”.

PPCLand reported on Revcontent’s adoption of zip code and DMA targeting when they added the option.

During the the period of “fake news” hysteria several years ago, reported on Revcontent’s work to reduce misinformation and improve the quality of their content recommendations.

In addition, in an article titled “Launching a Revcontent Campaign: Best Practices from The Expert”, Jon Mitchel, Manager of Sales and Brand Solutions at Revcontent told about the platform: 

Getting started with Revcontent is easier than ever with product improvements on the platform. From powerful targeting and optimization features to high-quality publisher traffic from direct, exclusive relationships, advertisers can qualify audiences at all stages of the marketing funnel with advanced targeting options, develop loyal customers and increase sales. If you’re familiar with buying on native, you’ll love working with Revcontent for its self-serve platform, dedicated account management, and tools that allow you to reach the right audience at the right time.


Below: A Revcontent graphic on the strategic advantages the company has over its competitors (Humorous Note: Orange is likely a subtle representation of Outbrain and blue is likely the same for Taboola).

Revcontent services for publishers screenshot.


Recent Years

In 2018, John Lemp handed the company’s CEO duties over to Omar Nicola – as told by this post by the Herald-Tribune. However, as of Dec 2019, Richard Marques became the new CEO. wrote about Revcontent acquiring a machine learning company named Rover in an article published in 2017. Here is what Revcontent’s Founder, John Lemp, and Rover’s CEO, Jonathan Siddharth had to say about it:

“Revcontent and Rover share a vision of a personalized web, a web that helps users discover content they love that they never knew existed,” said Revcontent CEO, John Lemp. “We have a unique opportunity here, to do for discovery, what Google did for web search. For Vijay, me and the Rover team, this was always the holy grail and together with Revcontent, we’re about to make the future arrive sooner. After our first meeting with Chris Maynard, Richard Marques and the rest of John’s leadership team, it became instantly clear that this was a perfect fit in terms of culture, technology and vision,” added Jonathan Siddharth.

As Revcontent grew its path notably differed from many of its competitors. In an interview with Amit Chowdhry for a Forbes article titled “How Revcontent Grew Into A Content Innovation Powerhouse”, original founder John Lemp talked about when Revcontent came to be and how little the company’s business model relied on venture capital or other funding:

“For us this company has never been about money and if we want to keep our mission pure we need to think different in every way in which we operate as a company. One thing many people don’t realize is the true cost to taking in funding too early and what that can do to a truly world changing mission. This is why we have actively chose from the start to not be a company that takes funding. This is why we would only ever take funding from the right strategic partner. We’ve discovered moving quickly is so important for us as a company and we will never follow that classic Silicon Valley model which is more focused on raising money at all costs and finding out a business model later.”

Revcontent services for advertisers


Revcontent Review: Strengths And Weaknesses For Advertisers

Based on multiple online testimonials and reviews- and our own experience on the platform- here is a list of Revcontent strengths and weaknesses for advertisers.



-High-quality inventory of news and politics sites.

-UX is highly-usable, easy to learn.

-Network is very supportive of performance marketing.

-Content moderation is not as strict as with native ad competitors like Taboola and Outbrain.



-The platform may be more competitive (i.e. expensive) than some similar ones due to the prevalence of high-epc offer verticals such as nutra and financial vsl’s.

-The platform lacks the robust AI-driven “SmartBid” targeting that Taboola and Outbrain have.

-Less potential volume than competitors like Taboola and Outbrain, especially internationally.


Conclusion And Official Recommendation:

We here at do not recommend very many products and companies, but we have personally worked with Revcontent for several years and can highly recommend them to both advertisers and publishers.




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