Who Is Roberto Blake? [YouTube Channel, Net Worth, Bio, Courses]

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Who is Roberto Blake?

Roberto Blake is a YouTuber and digital content creator who produces educational content on the subjects of social media marketing and internet entrepreneurship.

Blake is also the founder and Creative Director of Create Awesome Media. and Awesome Creator Academy, where he develops and produces educational digital content and provides one-on-one coaching to budding entrepreneurs.


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Overview of Roberto Blake

Blake typically produces videos that teach his audience how to get started with affiliate marketing, freelancing, or how to get started on YouTube. He also often makes videos reviewing products, like this recent video on the new camera Sony A7S III. 

In his own words, Roberto Blake describes his activities on his YouTube channel as “a Creative Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and Business Coach, Educating and Motivating Creative People with New Videos Every Week.


Roberto Blake Background, Bio

Talking about how he cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit in his earlier years, Blake’s bio says the following:

 “Originally Roberto dreamed of working as an animator or filmmaker working for companies like Disney or Marvel. At age 6 Roberto, already cashing in on a passion for art, would hand draw comic strips and sell them to his classmates. At age 10 he got into the business of buying school supplies in bulk and selling them to his classmates. 

When Roberto was 13 his grandmother Marjorie (Nana) who was a CNA on a fixed income, made an investment in the family of a new computer she bought from QVC including a printer, scanner, and all the latest software. 

Using this gift Roberto taught himself the skills of HTML coding, basic graphic design, photo manipulation, and video editing using the early resources of the internet in the age before google.”

Talking about his life as a Black content creator on episode 127 of the Beyond Influential podcast, titled “Roberto Blake on Life as a Black Creator & Embracing Your Otherness as an Entrepreneur”, Roberto Blake talked about the following:

  • Being Black in America: Assumptions, Systemic Racism & Unconscious Bias 
  • Navigating mental health issues and Black Anxiety 
  • The dangers of cancel culture, handling hate, and the feeling that you can’t win
  • Navigating difficult conversations about race and blackness
  • Embracing your “otherness” and how to use it to your advantage
  • Plus entrepreneurial gems on how to niche down, stand out, and more


Roberto Blake YouTube Channel

Roberto Blake has uploaded over 1350 videos on YouTube and 120 live streams. Created on February 8th, 2009, the channel has amassed over 545K Subscribers and a total view count of over 34 million views as of October 2020.

Content on Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel ranges from tech reviews, content creation, and social media marketing to internet entrepreneurship and personal branding. 

Here is what a regular video on the channel looks like. 


Notable Videos

The most viewed videos on Roberto Blake’s YouTube channel as of the time of this writing include:


Below is the most popular video, titled “PASSIVE INCOME: 10 Ways to Make Passive Income Online” on Blake’s channel. In the video description, Blake recommends his viewers to read Gary Vaynerchuks book titled “#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness”. For more information on the famous author and his books, check out our in-depth article on Gary Vaynerchuk here.


Roberto Blake Net Worth

As with many YouTubers and famous internet marketers, a common search query across search engines seems to be “Roberto Blake Net Worth”.

While there are a few speculative articles on the subject on the internet, there seems to be no concrete source or evidence with an exact figure.

In the following video, however, uploaded April 29th, 2019, Blake reports making $7,000 a month from his YouTube channel through a variety of monetization methods.


Online Presence And Publicity

Some of the notable podcast episodes Roberto Blake featured on are listed below:

In an episode of the Youpreneur podcast, Roberto talked about his entrepreneurial journey and how his creative entrepreneurial streak took hold in his childhood and never faded. 

Blake also featured in a podcast episode “Make Money with Your Skills—Creating Awesome with Roberto Blake”. 

Blake was also part of an episode of That Creative Life podcast, titled “Roberto Blake – Making Income as a Creative (EASY $130K in a Year) and the Future of TikTok Stars”. To listen to the whole episode, click here.

Roberto Blake also hosts a podcast called  “Create Something Awesome”, which you may listen to on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Below is a screenshot of recent reviews on Apple Podcasts.

Create something awesome Podcast reviews

You may reach Roberto Blake via the following social media pages:


You can also check out his work on the following platforms: 


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For more information on Roberto Blake, you can visit his website or check out the Roberto Blake YouTube channel for digital marketing related content.  




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