Who Is Stefan James Of ‘Project Life Mastery’?

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Who Is Stefan James?

Stefan James is an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist, and founder of Project Life Mastery, which encompasses various areas of life: personal development, success, health, relationships, finances, personal values, spirituality, and more.

At the time of writing, the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel has a total count of 1.23M subscribers and over 67 million views.


Overview of Stefan James

According to the description on James’ LinkedIn page, “Project Life Mastery is a blog dedicated to providing tips and advice on how to make money online, motivation, self-development, financial freedom, business, productivity, health, fitness, relationships, and everything else for living an extraordinary life.”


Stefan James Bio and Background 

According to this entrepreneur.com article, James struggled with finding a career path in his younger days and tried several things before finally realizing what worked for him.

Below is an excerpt from the article that recounts James’ early experiences: 

“James attempted this for a while, trying different income streams including selling e-books and affiliate marketing, where he earned a commission promoting others’ products. He was lucky if he made as much as he did coaching in a month, and usually averaged a few hundred dollars — not nearly enough to get him off his friend’s couch.

James’ break came when he discovered Kindle publishing. He’d already written a substantial amount of content for his other marketing efforts, so he packaged it into e-books and sold them on Amazon. He made money right away. Empowered by those earnings, James dove headfirst into Amazon publishing around 2011. Within the first year, his income skyrocketed.

Talking about how Project Life Mastery came to be, the article mentions the following:

On solid ground at 24 years old, most people would think they’d hit their stride — but not James. “I lived the four-hour work week for a while, just going out and having fun,” he says. “But I got bored; I needed a purpose. I was passionate about self-improvement and wanted to share what I’d learned with others.

So in 2012, James created Project Life Mastery — a blog and YouTube channel that would document his experiences as he mastered his life.”

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Stefan James Net Worth

Like with many YouTubers, there is a significant amount of interest related to Stefan James’ Net Worth. However, at the time of writing, no exact information can be found online on this subject. 

Offering a glimpse of his revenue streams, on March 13, 2020, James published a video, titled “How I Built 7 Income Streams That Make Me $200,000+ Per Month”, in which he discusses the various sources of passive income he has and the cash flow generated from them.

Below is an extract from an article published on January 10, 2019 on entrepreneur.com which touches on James’ finances:

“James shares the progress toward his financial goals on his website. While most would balk at openly posting their private finances, he wants to demonstrate the impact of rituals and goal setting. He hit CA$1 million in net worth around age 27 and at 32 has made over CA$3.7 million this year.”


Project Life Mastery YouTube

Popular interviews on the Project Life YouTube channel include the following:

With 5.7 million views as of October 2020, the interview of James’ then-girlfriend Tatiana is the most viewed video on the channel. In it, Stefan James and Tatiana discuss how she makes $40,000 per month on Amazon at 23 years old and her journey to building her online Amazon business and brand, Luxx Health (now known as Luxx Curves). 

In a video titled, “Robert Kiyosaki – Rich Dad, Poor Dad: How To Use Debt To Get Rich”, James asked Robert Kiyosaki about debt, personal finance, and more.  

James also interviewed the famous internet marketer and entrepreneur Dan Lok in a video titled “How To Make Your First $100,000 Online With Dan Lok”. 

Here are some of the other most viewed videos on the Project Life Mastery YouTube channel as of the time of this writing:


Online Presence And Publicity

Notable podcast episodes Stefan James featured on are listed below:

In an episode titled “Stefan James: How To Build A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business” of the Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast, James talked about how he got started and why he became an entrepreneur.

On Chalene Jonson’s podcast Build Your Tribe – “Make Full Time Income Recommending Your Favorites | Affiliate Marketing With Stefan James”, he explained the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. 

In terms of online presence, Stefan James can be reached online via the following:


You can learn more about Project Life Mastery via the following social media pages:


You can also check out the official website here and the Project Life Mastery blog here

Stefan James hosts a podcast called “The Project Life Mastery Podcast”, which, as of October 2020, has a total of 300 episodes. You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Deezer,and PlayerFM

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Here are a few of the latest reviews of “The Project Life Mastery Podcast” on applepodcasts.com.





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