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Who Is Sven Carlin?

Sven Carlin is an independent researcher, investor, and a teacher that shares his work and insights about investing on YouTube and on his Stock Market Research Platform.

stock market research platform
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He stated in his Facebook Profile,

I am passionate about common sense investing where the goal is long term wealth accumulation with a proper risk reward attitude. Long term happy investing!

He has been on YouTube since May 25, 2017, and as of the time of this writing, has accumulated 199K subscribers and 17,413,637 total views.

This Sven Carlin wiki will go over his bio, background, net worth, and more.


Background And Bio

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According to Sven Carlin’s LinkedIn Profile, he graduated with a Master’s degree in International Business, Trade, and Commerce at University of Rijeka from 2004 to 2008. He also took a Doctorate degree in Philosophy Major in Finance at University of Pula from 2010 to 2014.

And as per his working experience, he started as a Trainee at the City of Novigrad from May to December 2004. After that he worked as a Data Manager at Sidus from February 2006 to June 2007. He also worked as a Teacher of Economics and Business Studies at High School Vladimir Gortan Buje from September 2008 to February 2013. Then he worked as a Data Researcher for Bloomberg LP from January to April 2014.

After being a Data Researcher for four months, he pursued teaching again, he worked as an Assistant Professor in Finance at Hogeschool van Amsterdam from July 2014 to August 2017. While teaching, he also became the Owner and the Investment Manager of Let it Grow Investment from July 2014 to August 2019. And at present, he worked as a Researcher for Stock Market Research Platform.


The Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. YouTube Channel

youtube channel
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The Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D. YouTube Channel covers contents all about stock market investing like investing mindset, earnings and cash flows, stock portfolio, and so on.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 199K subscribers and has accumulated 17,413,637 total views.

As of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

Stock Market Crash Ahead? – The 2020 FED Bubble!!” with 173,975 views.

Stock Market Crash Ahead? – The 2021 Stimulus Bubble! (7 Key Bubble Factors)” with 135,565 views.

How To Calculate Intrinsic Value (AMZN Stock Example + Excel Template)” with 130,462 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


Sven Carlin’s Net Worth

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Unfortunately, as of this time, there is little concrete information on Sven Carlin’s net worth online, however, on a related note, the website estimates his channel’s monthly revenue as between $107 to $1.7K per month, or $1.3K to $20.5K per year.


Online Presence And Publicity

Courtesy of Sven Carlin’s Facebook Profile.


Sven Carlin is present in Facebook and LinkedIn. And if you are interested in his Research Platform, visit this site.

stock market research platform
Courtesy of Sven Carlin Research Platform.


And for his podcast, blogs, books, and courses, visit his website name For more of his video contents, watch his videos and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

He was also interviewed by The Plain Bagel, GarrisonFPS, and New Money on YouTube. The videos are embedded below:



To keep up with Sven Carlin, check out his social media profiles listed above. For more updates on stock market investing, check out his YouTube channel and website.





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