Who Is YouTuber Tatiana James? (Net Worth, Shopify, Amazon FBA)

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Who Is Tatiana James?

Tatiana James (nee Buree) is a Canadian-born digital entrepreneur and investor. James started her business activity by selling fitness products on Amazon. She would later start selling via Shopify and would also launch an educational YouTube channel and a series of courses on Amazon FBA and affiliate marketing, among other things.


Tatiana James Bio And Background

According to her website, Tatiana James became interested in online business after meeting her future fiancé and digital entrepreneur Stefan James. At the time, she was “attending lectures during the day, and working at a restaurant by night.” Stefan James was engaged in book publishing, prompting Tatiana James to attempt to earn money from books as well.

After publishing a number of books, Tatiana James decided that she would not carry on book writing. However, she nonetheless realized the potential of online business.

After publishing my first 5 books and making a tiny bit of money…

I decided it wasn’t for me.

But it awoke something in me…

It awoke the sleeping entrepreneur inside…

And once I realised that I could actually make money from my iPad…

My life literally changed forever.

Several months later, James learned about Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). She then enrolled in a course called “The Amazing Selling Machine.” James writes that this course taught her to leverage Amazon FBA effectively. She would eventually go on to start selling products, including waist trainers, on Amazon.

I had no previous experience – Heck I didn’t even have a laptop.

I was still working as a waitress, and still going to university…

And I was building my Amazon business in the little spare time I had…

From an iPad and a wifi connection.

But I was consistent.

I kept coming home and working on my business…

And the tiny amount of savings I earned as a waitress, I’d put it into my business.

James adds that she sacrificed her social life and free time to establish an Amazon business. Then, she writes:

I underwent the journey of self-development and personal improvement…

And in 2014, my one-product store turned into 3 products.

After some initial success with her online business, James decided to take a semester off school to pursue her business goals. Her brand ended up growing rapidly, making her a self-made millionaire at 24, in her own claims.

I say self-made, but that’s just because I busted my socks off to get what I wanted…

James would later go on to create a number of courses for individuals looking to build their own brands on Amazon. She writes in this regard:

But to tell the truth, my success was due to the guidance I received along the way.

Guidance from online mentors and resources.

And guess what…

I Want To Give This Guidance Back To You.

In an April 20, 2017 video, Stefan and Tatiana James talked about Tatiana’s journey launching and growing her Amazon brand Luxx Health with zero experience. The video also revealed that Tatiana was earning $40,000 per month on Amazon.

In an October 2017 update, Tatiana James revealed that she was making $50,000 per month on Amazon.

James’ monthly earnings would reach $115,000 per month by March 2019 and $222,000 per month by May 2020.

At some point, James started selling fitness items through her own website – LexxCurves.com.


Amazon FBA Courses And Resources

Amazon FBA courses.
Courtesy of TatianaJames.com.


Tatiana James’s website features a number of resources aimed to help readers and buyers launch their own successful businesses. Her courses cover Amazon FBA, Kindle book publishing, coaching, and affiliate marketing.

James also refers visitors to a range of eCommerce tools (including Helium 10 and Jungle Scout) and business-focused literature by prominent authors.


Tatiana James On YouTube

Tatiana James' YouTube channel.
Courtesy of Tatiana James’ YouTube channel.


Tatiana James has a YouTube channel where she shares tips and strategies for eCommerce. Occasionally, she features other successful Amazon business people on her channel as well.

As of the time of this writing, James’ channel had about 368,000 subscribers and over 15 million total video views.

Sometimes, James’s channel features Q&A videos with Stefan James.

Aside from the Amazon-focused channel, James has a channel dedicated to her Luxx Curves business. This channel features her waist trainer products and testimonials from buyers, among other things.


Is Tatiana James A Millionaire? Tatiana James Net Worth

There are no confirmed estimates of Tatiana James’ net worth online. Some sources claim that James is worth approximately $4 million.

From Stefan James’ periodical updates on Tatiana James’ earnings, it’s known that her earnings had reached $222,000 per month by May 2020.


Online Presence And Publicity

In addition to YouTube, Tatiana James is present on Facebook and Instagram.

To find out more about James and her activities, visit her website TatianaJames.com. The website contains links to her courses, YouTube channels, and contact information.




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