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Overview Of Teachable

Teachable is an online platform that enables people to monetize their knowledge in a specific field or topic through a wide range of products. The platform makes it so you don’t need any technical skills to do all of this. It is their team that takes care of the techy stuff like hosting, security, updates, and maintenance.

It includes standard online courses, live courses, free tutorials, cohort-based courses, software/skills training, coaching packages, and more. The varied categories feature the arts, health, academics, membership, and business sectors.

An example of a popular provider on the platform consists of The School of New York Times that, in collaboration with T Brand Studio is offering a Certificate in Content Marketing as taught by members of the studio’s core leadership team.

According to the official website, at the time of writing of this article, there are “more than 100,000 creators who’ve sold over $500 million in courses and coaching” on the platform.


Company Info

Teachable Inc. was founded in 2014 by Ankur Nagpal. According to Teachable’s LinkedIn page, the company is currently headquartered in New York and has a total of 232 employees.

As per the company’s profile on LinkedIn, since its inception, the company has grown exponentially in size:

“By 2020 more than 100,000 instructors had joined the world of Teachable, and transformed their knowledge into world-class courses that have earned more than $500 million to date. To support our creators, our team grew too–doubling, tripling, and doubling again in experts, some of whom started out as creators on Teachable themselves, and who brought along ideas about expanding our offering to include workshops, authorship, coaching services, and annual tax filing to boot.”

Below are a few notable statistics achieved by the company in 2020 as per this blog post:

-$1 billion in creator sales, i.e. in revenue

-Teachable creators earned close to $400 million

-More than 563,000 sales in November


Teachable Pricing

The Teachable Pricing Plans are as follow:

-“Basic” which costs $39 if billed monthly or $29 if billed annually

-“Pro” which costs $119 if billed monthly or $99 if billed annually

-“Business” which costs $299 if billed monthly or $249 if billed annually


Below is a quick side-by-side overview of the features included in the 3 Teachable Pricing plans.

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Users that opt for the professional plan can also benefit from a 14-day free trial. The Basic and Business plans do not include a free trial period. To check the entire list of features included in each plan and for a side by side comparison of each one, visit this page.


Teachable Features

All the paid plans listed above offer unlimited courses along with the following features:

-Unlimited video

-Unlimited hosting

-Integrated payment processing

-Student management

-Lecture comments

-Basic quizzes

-No fees on free courses

-VAT (value-added tax) for EU


Teachable also provides the following additional features:

-Course Access Duration – Set limits on how long users will have access to your course.

-Course Compliance – Set requirements for how users can complete your course (including lecture order completion, enforced video watching, or passing quiz requirements)

-Drip Content – Release your course sections on a set schedule.

-Course Coupons – Set up and distribute coupons to sell your course at a discount to certain users.

-Certificates of Completion – Create and design certificates that get issued to your students upon completion of a course.


Teachable Competitors

Here is a list of some of the most popular Teachable competitors:

Teachable vs Thinkific

Screenshot of Thinkific's Homepage
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Like Teachable, Thinkific is also an all-in-one platform that makes it easy for people to share their knowledge and grow an audience.

Both Teachable and Thinkific offer three different levels of paid subscription plans. However, for someone launching their very first online course, budgeting might be essential. In which case, Thinkfic’s free trial would come in handy. Teachable only offers a free trial with the Pro plan.


Teachable vs Kajabi

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A few of the glaring disparities between Teachable and Kajabi are that the former comes with a variety of options like enforce lecture order, enforce video watching, and enforce graded quiz completion while the latter, users only have the ability to lock the category until a specific lecture is completed.

Teachable has various certificate templates and also the ability to create your own coded certificates. Kajabi has no inbuilt certification feature and is also the more expensive of the two. To learn more about Kajabi, read our article here.


Teachable vs Udemy

Screenshot of Udemy Homepage
Courtesy of udemy.com


As stated in previous sections, Teachable is an online platform that allows content creators to create their own course website and sell online courses. Udemy, on the other hand, is an online marketplace that simply allows users to list and sell their courses.


Teachable vs Skillshare

Screenshot of Skillshare Homepage
Courtesy of skillshare.com


According to winningwp.com, Skillshare gives you access to a network of more than 5 million eager learners; with Teachable, you must rely entirely on your audience and your own marketing skills. Teachable offers greater flexibility in terms of course materials, including the ability to create quizzes.


Teachable vs Gumroad

Screenshot of Gumroad Homepage
Courtesy of gumroad.com


Gumroad is a platform to sell downloadable products (ebooks, music, software) and also some support for the sale of physical products.

Below is an excerpt from this blog post that highlights the main differences between the two: 

“While the Gumroad website has a sales page “Gumroad for Courses,” there isn’t actually the ability to create and deliver a live course with any type of interaction because the site is a repository to provide downloads. You could create a course with videos and PDFs that you provided in a download and sell that as a course.”


Can You Make Money With Teachable?

A blog post by written by Kari Sayers for mompreneurmoney.com lists the following ways to make money with Teachable.

The most obvious way to make money with Teachable is by selling online courses. Teachable is one of the leading platforms in the online course creation world.

Making money from affiliate programs is one of my favourite revenue streams! You can sign up with Teachable affiliate partnership program and start earning a commission on any sales generated through your referral link.

You also have the opportunity to set up your own affiliate partnership program for your own products. For any courses or ebooks or membership programs or anything else that you offer through Teachable, you can allow others to market and sell your offers in exchange for a commission.

You set the commission percentage and decide who gets to join your affiliate team. Teachable takes care of all tracking and affiliate payouts for you.


Teachable Affiliate Program

As noted above, Teachable does have an affiliate program, which can be accessed through the affiliate page on their website.

Advantages of their affiliate program they point to include:

-30% commission

-90 day cookie

-Lifetime recurring commissions


Teachable Review/Overview

As of January 2021, Teachable has an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars, from a total number of 108 reviews on capterra.com, with several users emphasizing the easy payment methods and useful technical tools that the website provides. Users are reportedly quite pleased with the ease to use and customer services.

Here is an excerpt from a recent review left by a user named Gian Angelo D on capterra.com:

“It’s probably one of the better choices when it comes to making courses online. First of all, you get a lot of options to integrate with 3rd party software which is great since you don’t have to start from scratch in some aspects. Second, it’s really easy to start teaching your audience online with Teachable.”


Teachable Contact Info 

You may reach Teachable via the following social media pages:








For more information on Teachable, you can visit their website here or check out the Teachable blog for tools and advice on how to get started in the world of online courses.

Teachable also offers an on-demand Quickstart Webinar to provide an in-depth look at what the platform can help users achieve.




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