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Who Are The Kwak Brothers?


The Kwak Brothers are real estate investors, business owners, authors, and YouTube personalities. Sam and Daniel Kwak also assist people in getting started in real estate investment and provide a variety of tools and solutions to help real estate investors establish and expand their businesses.

According to their website‘s ‘About’ section,

The Kwak Brothers, Sam and Daniel, at one point were struggling to get started in real estate investing due to a lack of money and credit. Their biggest breakthrough was mastering the FORCE Strategy, a term coined by the Kwak Brothers, which allows users to acquire properties without using their own money or credit.

They have been on YouTube since May 9, 2012  and as of the time of this writing, has approximately 201K subscribers and 12,801,745 total views.

This Kwak Brothers wiki will go over their bio, background, net worth, and more.


The Kwak Brothers’ Background And Bio

The Kwak Brothers
Courtesy of the Kwak Brothers’ Facebook Profile.


The Kwak Brothers came to the United States in 1999. According to their videos, the brothers- Daniel and Sam – are the sons of a church pastor, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois.

Following the sale of their first firm, a mobile DJ service, which they launched in 2012, the Kwak Brothers began their real estate investing career in 2014. After a few years of struggle, they were able to achieve financial success in 2017, going from 0 to 75+ rental units in just one year.


Sam Kwak’s Background

Sam Kwak
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Sam Kwak is the Creative Engineer of the Kwak Brothers.

According to Sam Kwak’s LinkedIn Profile, he started as the Co-Owner of their company The Kwak Brothers from December 2014 up to present. He also serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Flowmatics from February 2020 up to present. And he is also the Chief Technology Officer of Miotti Partners Capital, LLC from September 2020 up to present.

He stated in his LinkedIn profile,

I’m a real estate investor, entrepreneur, coach and author. I’m also one of the Kwak Brothers. The Kwak Brothers help individuals in real estate no matter what stage they are in their career. Whether they are looking to get started in real estate investing or they are seasoned real estate investors, we aim to provide value and solutions to their #1 challenges. Being in the industry, I recognized a HUGE problem in the property and asset management space. Coming from a tech and marketing background, I’m creating solutions every day to help property managers automate their business.

He also authored the book entitled “Break Free From Your Mortgage: The Secret of Banking Strategy to help you pay off your mortgage fast“, it is about “exposing the truth behind the mortgage industry that prevents you from paying off your mortgage”. The paperback copy is available on and Amazon for $9.95.


Daniel Kwak’s Background

Daniel Kwak
Courtesy of The Kwak Brothers website.


While Daniel Kwak is the Creative Negotiator of the The Kwak Brothers. His role is to handle all of the investors relations, conflict management, and partner management.

Based on Daniel Kwak’s LinkedIn Profile, he graduated in University of San Francisco with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from 2000 to 2004. And per his working experience, he was the “Jack of all Trades” in the Kwak Corporation from August 2006 up to present.

Together with his brother Sam Kwak and Levi McPherson, he authored the book entitled “0 To 75 Units In Just 1 Year: Introducing the FORCE Strategy to Acquiring Rental Properties”. It is all about the strategies, tactics, and mindset as a single system acquiring more rental properties and creating a positive cash flow of rental property. The paperback copy is available on and Amazon for $20.14.


The Kwak Brothers YouTube Channel

The Kwak Brothers YouTube Channel
Courtesy of The Kwak Brothers YouTube Channel.


The Kwak Brothers YouTube Channel covers contents about personal finance, real estate investing, and property management. They specialize in raising money and acquiring rental properties using owner financing.

As of the date of this writing, it currently has 201K subscribers and has accumulated 12,801,745 total views.

As of right now, the three most popular videos on the channel are:

How to Pay Off your Mortgage in 5 Years” with 3,595,838 views.

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage In 5-7 Years” with 1,167,175 views.

The Great Reset | 3 Major Events Happening NOW” with 916,513 views.

The three videos in question are embedded below:


The Kwak Brothers Net Worth


Unfortunately, as of this time, there is little concrete information about The Kwak Brothers’ net worth online, however, on a related note, the website estimates his channel’s monthly revenue as between $75 to $1.2K per month, or $906 to $14.5K per year.

And here are some of YouTube videos discussing their wealth:


Online Presence And Publicity

The Kwak Brothers Facebook Profile.
Courtesy of The Kwak Brothers Facebook Profile.


The Kwak Brothers are present on Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They also have their own website and separate LinkedIn profile. And aside from their YouTube Channel, you may also check out their books available on and Amazon.

They were also featured in various interviews on YouTube such as with BRAD LEA TV, Bridger Pennington, and 7 Figure Squad.



To keep up with The Kwak Brothers, check out their social media profiles listed above. For more updates on personal finance, real estate investing, and property management, check out their YouTube Channel, and website.




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