The Top 5 Virtual Assistant Websites Online Today (Click For Full List!)

What are the top 5 virtual assistant websites today?
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Where Do I Find A Virtual Assistant Online?

A wide range of websites and employment platforms exist where businesses may hire virtual assistants (or VAs). Each website may have its unique features and distinct talent pools designed to satisfy the demands of a certain category of business.

The goal of this guide is to introduce readers (whether businesses or workers) to a number of popular VA platforms.

It covers the top 5 virtual assistant platforms for 2021.


What Is The Best Virtual Assistant Website? 5 Websites To Consider



WoodBows virtual assistant service homepage.
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WoodBows is a platform that specializes in virtual assistance services. Particularly, WoodBows maintains a team of English-speaking virtual assistants in its offices in the United States, the Philippines, and India.

The company offers virtual assistance in a number of directions, including real estate, accounting, social media management, and invoicing, among others. WoodBows advertises that its virtual assistants have over 10 years of experience in their fields, and it claims to hire only the top 1% of VA applicants.

To get started with WoodBows, businesses need to:

  1. Have a free consultation with WoodBows.
  2. Decide on their subscription plan.
  3. Sign up on WoodBows.

WoodBows assigns a dedicated virtual assistant to each client. The company states that hired VAs work exclusively for their current clients and that they are available anytime Monday-Friday between 8-9 AM and 6 PM of the client’s time zone. Clients may also request weekend availability from their VAs.

To protect clients, WoodBows offers a performance guarantee. If a client is dissatisfied with their virtual assistant, WoodBows doubles the hours that have been paid for and assigns an expert VA to the client.

Clients may also track the activity of their VA through Time Doctor – time tracking software that WoodBows uses to monitor ongoing projects.

WoodBows states that it is willing to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) as well, and it additionally grants clients full ownership of the work output provided by virtual assistants.

The platform offers four membership plans, with varying amounts of time allocated for clients. Clients may choose from a number of payment schedules, such as weekly, monthly, or annually. Each plan provides clients with access to a dedicated account manager.

WoodBows plans.
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According to the WoodBows FAQs web page, clients may choose VAs from a specific country, but this may impact the cost of the service.



Belay homepage.
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BELAY is focused solely on US-based virtual assistants. The company claims to have an applicant acceptance rate of 3.93% – “lower than Harvard’s” 4.5%.

BELAY VA rates are high compared to what can be found on many other platforms – starting from $34 per hour – which may translate to increased productivity.

VAs on this platform are available Monday-Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM, with no option of weekend availability. Clients are assigned one dedicated VA that is selected by BELAY based on the client’s needs.

Among other things, BELAY virtual assistants handle their clients’ calendars, appointments, email accounts, post on social media, book travel arrangements, and coordinate between clients and/or team members.

Notably, BELAY has been featured on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America for several years in a row.



Upwork homepage, and how to hire a virtual assistant on Upwork.
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Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) is a global freelance marketplace. Its talent pool isn’t limited to virtual assistants – clients may find software engineers, data scientists, graphic designers, and professionals in many other fields as well.

On Upwork, clients may post project listings for freelancers to apply to. Clients choose freelancers to hire after reviewing their submissions and interviewing them.

Aside from that, clients may search for freelancers and invite them for an interview themselves.

Clients are not required to purchase an Upwork membership to start hiring, but a paid plan called Plus ($49.99 per month) is available. Plus includes priority support, assistance with job post and talent sourcing, and dedicated account management, among other things.

Upwork plan pricing.
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Upwork charges a 3% processing fee in addition to the payments made to freelancers.

Upwork employs a number of stringent policies to protect freelancers and their clients from fraud. Upwork employs milestones for fixed-price contracts and time tracking for hourly contracts, and it prevents fraud through Upwork Payment Protection.

With hourly contracts, clients have access to their freelancers’ Work Diaries which collect work-in-progress snapshots and track freelancer activity. After the end of each week, clients are requested to review the hourly Work Diaries of their freelancers and may file a dispute upon spotting evidence of non-project-related activity.

With fixed-priced contracts, clients deposit the agreed sum into escrow in the form of milestones. Upon the submittal of work, clients may release the funds to the freelancer, request changes, or request a refund.

In addition to this, Upwork requires payments to be made through its escrow or hourly payment system for relationships that start on the platform. After two years of maintained relationship, payments may be made outside of Upwork. Clients may also play a conversion fee to take a relationship out of Upwork early.

To find out more about Upwork, read our overview. homepage.
Courtesy of is a worker platform that is specifically designed to enable businesses to hire remote workers based in the Philippines, who the site refers to as “Online Filipino Specialists”.

Similar to Upwork, allows employers to post projects and hire virtual assistants (and other specialists) after an interview process, as well as to search for existing workers.

Unlike Upwork, however, is designed to help businesses hire VA’s directly, for long-term employment rather than short-term contract work.

With that said, Upwork does offer a variety of tools to allow the entire hiring and management process to be done via their platform.

To reinforce client protection, they offer a system called Timeproof. Timeproof collects proof of work via screenshots and time tracking, allowing clients to find out whether their hires are working as expected. The use of Timeproof isn’t required on the platform – clients may ask workers to log their work at their own discretion.

In addition, co-founder John Jonas actually discourages the use of Timeproof, arguing that it hurts the trust between VA and employer without really increasing productivity.

Unlike Upwork, clients are not required to pay their workers through However, does offer their own payment option called ‘Easy Pay’ which employers can use to pay their VA’s, through an integration with Payoneer. has three membership tiers for employers – one free and two paid. plan pricing/.
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Employers using a free plan cannot hire workers – they can only view job applications to assess the suitability of the platform for their needs. There are other limitations as well, as displayed by the price chart above.

Premium plans provide access to instant job post approval, up to 10 job posts, and the ability to contact from 75 to 500 workers per month.

The Premium plan – the most expensive plan on – allows employers to perform unlimited background checks. Background data provided by the platform includes worker profile editing log, job application log, complete employment history, and past employer reviews, among other things.

One important note is that allows employers to move back down to the “free plan” in between hires, while still allowing full use of Timeproof and the VA payment integration.

To find out more about, read our full overview here.



Fiverr homepage.
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Fiverr is a freelance platform whose model is effectively the inverse of that of Upwork and

On Fiverr, freelancers post service listings (called Gigs) for clients to browse through. Freelancers set a price for their services and may choose what is and is not included in their services. Clients select freelancers to hire based on their pricing and work history.

Fiverr’s pricing model is fixed, and there are no hourly contracts. In addition to the freelancer charge, Fiverr charges 5.5% of the purchase amount to cover administrative costs, plus $2 for orders under $50.

Like Upwork, Fiverr doesn’t allow clients to pay freelancers outside its platform.

Fiverr operates a milestone system similar to that of Upwork. Clients may create several milestones under one order.

Upon the confirmation of an order, Fiverr withholds the freelancer payment and releases it after the client confirms the order’s completion.

To find out more about Fiverr, read our overview.


How Much Do You Pay A Virtual Assistant?

According to employment website Indeed, the average base salary of a VA in the US was $20.93 as of the time of this writing. In some companies, VA salaries reached $80 to $90 per hour.

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In contrast, the average base pay of a VA in India is 82,657 Indian rupees per month, or approximately $1,086.

indian va
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With that in mind, the costs of hiring a virtual assistant range widely depending on their location and experience (among other things).



To get started, visit the platforms listed above, research how they work, and check out the current postings. But note that a large number of other VA websites exist, and they each provide positives and negatives depending on your exact needs.

There are also a large number of excellent videos on YouTube breaking down all the various sites described above.

Disclaimer: We at are big fans of and are affiliates for their service. To read our full break-down of and why we recommend it, click here.




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