What Is A “Tripwire Funnel”?


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A tripwire funnel is a dynamic marketing strategy used to persuade potential customers to make a small purchase in order to get them to make larger purchases in the future.

An example might be an e-commerce store that sells expensive “prepping” supplies trying to get people interested in prepping to buy a small $5.00 survival tool. Since the barrier to purchase is low given how inexpensive the item is, the idea is that purchasing it will act as a “tripwire” that will cause the purchaser to enter the “sales funnel” of the e-commerce store, where the relationship can be nurtured via email marketing, push notifications, and similar strategies, through which he or she will be offered larger, more expensive items in the future.

This tactic similar to the free plus shipping funnel, and they are sometimes lumped together, even though the free plus shipping funnel offers the customer something that is free (albeit with the cost of shipping added on).


Why Use A Tripwire Funnel

As per a blog post published on datadrivenmarketing.co, here are the main benefits of using a tripwire funnel:

1.It offsets marketing and advertising costs.

2.It fills your email list with buyers.

3.It allows you to test different offers.

It creates audience loyalty.

It encourages micro-commitments.

A tripwire offer is the best example of a small commitment that leads your customer to comfortably complete a larger commitment in the future.

It is possible to build your own tripwire funnel easily with online tools like Campaign Monitor and Clickfunnels.

Here is a video by the YouTuber Lachlan Edwards explaining how to create a Tripwire Funnel using Clickfunnels:


How To Use A Tripwire Funnel In A Sales Strategy

A blog post posted on crazyegg.com outlined the following key components of a successful tripwire funnel:

Step 1: Examine your product or service line

Step 2: Find the product or service that gets the most sales

Step 3: Create a new version that costs much less, but still contains value

Step 4: Start an email drip campaign for customers who buy the tripwire item

Step 5: Feature your tripwire product throughout your website

Step 6: Add a lead magnet to your conversion forms to capture more emails

Step 7: Follow up with tripwire customers to ask for their feedback

Along with drawing in new customers, tripwire marketing can also be used to bring back old customers, by reminding them of their initial interest in the brand.



We hope that this article has helped clarify what a tripwire is and how it works.

You can learn about the parallel or overlapping strategy of Free Plus Shipping Funnels by clicking here, or the strategy of Webinar Funnels by clicking here.





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