Voluum Tracker And Voluum DSP – Overview

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Voluum Tracker Overview

Voluum is a full-stack marketing platform that caters to the needs of performance marketers, providing them with performance analytics, campaign tracking and optimization, and more.

It has become arguably the most well-known tracker withing the paid-traffic oriented performance-marketing (affiliate marketing) world, and is one of the most iconic companies synonymous with it.


Voluum DSP Overview 

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Voluum also offers access to Voluum DSP, which is a platform that allows internet marketers to buy tailored traffic from around 30 sources for their campaigns.

According to the official website, Voluum DSP’s programmatic native advertising platform makes it possible for marketers to:

  • Buy traffic that converts from multiple networks
  • Track your performance with our built-in tracker
  • Easily scale with the support from our experts
  • Built for affiliate marketers and performance agencies


comprehensive guide published on the Voluum Documentation page explains the inner workings of how Voluum DSP helps boost performance marketing and how users can capitalize on it.


Company Info

Voluum is part of the Codewise company, “a monetization and MarTech business offering digital solutions”, which also owns Zero Park, an Ad Exchange platform connecting domain investors and other traffic providers with online marketers. (Source)

Codewise was founded in 2011 and bought by Robert Gryn in 2012. You may read the whole acquisition story penned by Gryn himself on Medium. Gryn is also responsible for the creation of Voluum Track and Voluum DSP. 

An article published on the ceomagazine.com in 2018 mentioned how Gryn managed to turn the company around under his management, 

“Codewise, a marketing technology company based in Krakow, with software brands Voluum, an ad-performance tracker, and Zeropark, an ad-buying network, is the fastest-growing start-up in Poland and the third fastest growing in EMEA. Not bad for a struggling business bought out for US$100,000 by Robert in 2012.”

On October 17th, 2018, prnewswire.com reported that Dr. John Malatesta (current CEO and executive chairman as of November 2020) took over as Codewise’s Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Robert Gryn.

In January 2020, Codewise announced that the company’s revenue grew by 42% in 2019, compared to 2018. Net profitability also grew by 133% over the same period. (Source)

In a press release on September 10th, 2020, CentralNic Group PLC announced that they have entered a conditional agreement to acquire Codewise, saying that

“We are excited to announce we will soon be welcoming Codewise and its businesses Zeropark and Voluum into the CentralNic Group. This newest family member will enhance our monetisation offering, as well as introducing new online marketing tools to our suite of services for businesses.”


Voluum Tracker Pricing

The platform offers three different pricing plans, all billed either monthly or annually, to suit a range of user groups with varying needs and budgets. 

The Voluum Tracker Pricing structure features the following tiers:

  • “Discover” which costs $69 a month or $49 a month if billed annually
  • “Profit” which costs $149 a month or $119 a month if billed annually. 
  • “Grow” which costs $249 a month or $199 a month if billed annually.
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Users can also have their own custom-made plans by submitting their requests on the website here


Voluum Tracker Features

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The Voluum Tracker tracks everything; from native, display, pop, email, search, push, social, video ads.

As an advanced tracking tool fully tailored for affiliate marketing, Voluum offers integration with many popular advertising networks, including native ad networks such as Taboola, MGID, Revcontent,and Outbrain.

Indeed, a search on the Adplexity Native Ads Spytool at the time of this writing showed that Voluum was the most used tracker among media-buyers tracking their native advertising campaigns.

Screenshot of most popular native ad trackers from Adplexity Native.
Screenshot from Adplexity-Native showing the most popular trackers being used to track native ad campaigns.



The platform’s key features that allow performance marketers to get the most out of their advertising campaigns are categorized as follows:

Tracking Managing                             Optimizing Scaling
Direct Tracking Pixel Extensive reporting       Traffic Distribution AI            Anti-Fraud Kit               
Impression Tracking Data Grouping & Drill down Rule-based Targeting Shared Reports
Traffic Source & Affiliate Network Templates Traffic Log A/B Testing for Flows Workspaces
Tracking Domains with SSL Mobile App Notifications Multi-user
Manual Conversion Upload Dashboard IP/UA Filtering Listicle Tracking
Lander Protection Script Reporting API Conversion Cap
Custom Conversion Tracking Multicurrency Redirect Webhook
Multiple Cost Models
Manual Cost Update


The Voluum mobile app is available for free downloads on the Apple App Store here and the Google Play Store here.


Voluum Contact Info

You may reach Voluum via the following social media pages:


In The Media

Bloomberg once wrote an intensely hostile piece on the world of paid-traffic affiliate marketing which partly focused on Voluum, specifically in it’s use by affiliates utilizing Facebook ads, which Bloomberg connected to broader indictments of “fake news” and overly aggressive “black hat” marketing.

The internet marketer Charles Ngo (read our overview of him here) wrote a definitive guide on using Voluum on his website – which you can find here.

And an overview by Lemonads.com in 2020 stated that Voluum had “cemented itself as the go-to tracker for marketers around the globe.”



For more information on Voluum, you can visit their official website here or visit Voluum DSP’s official website here. You can also check out Voluum Tracker’s blog for performance marketing related content.  




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