What Is A ‘Webinar Funnel’?

What a webinar funnel?


What Is A Webinar Funnel?

A webinar is a live interactive event solely destined for an online audience, meaning that all participants join on their desktop or mobile device over the internet.

Webinars are often presented in the form of online workshops, seminars, training sessions or classroom lectures hosted online via webinar conferencing software, such as Zoom or Zoho Meeting.

A webinar funnel is a common marketing strategy within online commerce, and in this regard is a common way of presenting a new product, creating interest in a brand, and connecting with new leads.

Essentially, the marketer host uses some form of “bait” to entice potential leads to sign up for the webinar. During the webinar this free information is presented, but there is also a sales pitch or “upsell” to urge the views to buy a product, purchase or course, sign up for an SaaS, etc.


How does a Webinar Funnel work?

Systeme.io describes how a webinar funnel works as follows:

The funnel works by inviting browsers on a web page or social media platform to attend a webinar.

It then leads the individual through a process also known as a funnel towards the webinar objective.

The objective could be anything from providing insightful training or encouraging the individual to purchase a product.

Without a webinar funnel, webinars can easily run unnoticed and unattended. All that hard work and passion put into the webinar can go wasted.

A visual representation of how a webinar funnel is set up
Here is an image from Clickfunnels representing the setup of a webinar funnel visually.


‘Auto Webinar Funnels’ Vs ‘Live Webinar Funnels’

A live webinar funnel consists of a webinar conducted live, i.e in real-time. It could occur once or twice a day to an audience of 500 or a similar number. 

As WebinarNinja explains:

live webinars establish you as a person, right there (sort of) in front of the audience, in real-time. Attendees come away feeling like they know you, on some level anyway. 

In today’s hyper-niched, über-targeted marketing landscape, potential customers want to see behind the curtain. Today’s customers don’t just want to know what they’re buying — they want to know who’s selling it.


An auto webinar funnel, on the other hand, is made of an automated webinar that new leads will see a video of. With an auto webinar, a webinar can be made to look like it is happening in real-time but everything is actually pre-recorded. Sometimes the pre-recorded nature of the webinar is explicitly mentioned, other times it is left ambiguous.

According to demio.com,

Some companies use automated presentations as a helping hand so they can focus on interacting with the audience in the chat and everything else that goes into a successful webinar campaign. Other companies use automated webinars to put an entire campaign on autopilot to generate results without ever touching it again. We’ll be covering both ends of the spectrum, the different uses, and the benefits of each method.

Finally, a webinar funnel can be also of course be combination of both, and have live iterations on a regular frequency while also showing leads pre-recorded, automated webinars at other times. 


Webinar Funnel Softwares

Creating a webinar funnel involves the use of several different types of softwares or SaaS’s.

These include:

Landing page builders – such as Clickfunnels, Ontraport, or Builderall.

Email Marketing providers – such as Aweber, Campaign Monitor, or Sendlane.

The actual webinar platform – such as WebinarNinja or GoToWebinar.

A payment provider – like Stripe or Paypalor Shopify Payments.


Note: Clickfunnels specifically has sought to provide in-depth tools to marketers wishing to utilize webinar funnels, and their SaaS platform provides a number of webinar templates one can use.

Webinar Funnel Templates that Clickfunnels offers
Here is a screenshot including some of the Webinar Funnel Templates ClickFunnels offers


And here is an old video of Russell Brunson, the Founder and CEO of ClickFunnels, teaching how to create a webinar (circa 2016):


Well-Known Webinar Funnels

Those interested in or involved with the world of online commerce will likely have seen ads for some of the more visible online webinar funnels.

One well-known examples of webinar funnels is that of Clickfunnels itself which was largely built via webinar funnels (as well as free plus shipping funnels!).

Clickfunnels R Brunson image
The well-known SaaS Clickfunnels was in large part built via webinar funnels.


In addition, online marketer Alex Becker’s YouTube ads have been seen by tens of millions of people interested in online marketing, and they are almost entirely focused on driving webinar signups.


Alex Becker's sales landing page - screenshot.
Above: Alex Becker’s ubiquitous YouTube ads are part of his long-running webinar-funnel.


Continuing in this vein, well known internet marketer John Crestani has also driven millions of dollars in sales via webinar-based sales funnels for his coaching products, such as his Internet Jetset course.


John Crestani YouTube ad driving signups for his webinar:


And finally, another prominent example would be ultra-successful “alternative health” expert Dr Axe, who has taken the art of webinar-funnels to great heights within the health and alternative medicine niche.


Dr Axe example of webinar marketing
Dr Axe has built a massive alternative-health business by the creative use of Webinar-Funnels.



That is the basics around a webinar funnel!

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