What Is Dianomi? And What’s With Those Dianomi Ads?

Dianomi website screenshot.  

What is Dianomi?

You may have seen Dianomi ads across the internet, but what is Dianomi? Keep on reading to find out!

With nearly 9.5 billion native ad impressions each month, Dianomi is the market leader in premium native advertising specifically serving the financial services, technology, and investing sectors.


Company Details

According to their official website, Dianomi collaborates with 80% of the world’s top 10 largest asset management companies.

They specialize in providing the technology behind “Sponsored Financial Content” ad units on over 250 premium websites including but not limited to the Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, and Forbes. 

These partnerships serve the purpose of giving advertisers the necessary tools to distribute their content to over 340 million consumers. Above all, these are spread across a range of partner sites with relevant content and suitable target audiences.


Dianomi native ad widget screenshot.
A Dianomi ‘ad widget’ screenshot (taken from the financial news website Zero Hedge).



Based in diverse locations, such as London, New York and Sydney, Dianomi is a native ad platform for the financial services, tech, and corporate sectors, providing advertisers with access to a global audience of 200 million consumers.

Through its Digital Native Content Marketing, Dianomi connects premium financial and business advertisers with an affluent audience who are looking to discover valuable content. 

In a Q&A with What’s New In Publishing, Rupert Hodson, the Co-Founder & CEO, Dianomi explained that “Dianomi works with trusted publishers to monetize content through premium sponsored posts.”

In addition to this, he says that the company’s focus “from day one has been helping premium brands deliver native advertisements that people want to see in publications people want to read, honing in on the right audience and context.”

According to the company, advertisers and publishers trust Dianomi for their complete brand safety, clear pricing, and valuable insights.

Unlike Native Ad competitor’s like Taboola, whose ad widgets show on all types of websites, Dianomi specializes in the financial news and investment landscape specifically.

This focus on the hyper-affluent financial news market means Dianomi’s traffic is some of the most profitable (and expensive) within the Native Ad industry.


Services Dianomi Offers

Dianomi helps premium financial and business advertisers reach an affluent audience who are looking to discover valuable content, be it a guide, report, article, video, or product information, through Cost-per-Click (CPC) campaigns


Targeting Offered By Dianomi:

  • Audience reach: premium financial publishers
  • Contextual thematic targeting: by keywords
  • Geographic targeting: by countries
  • Demographic targeting: by affluence, age, Experian segmented groups
  • Re-targeting: by product type


Conversion Optimizations Offered By Dianomi:

  • Marketing intelligence & analysis
  • A/B/n testing for live ad optimization
  • Statistically driven heuristic ad-weighting algorithm
  • Performance management tools for full transparency
  • Integrated real-time Experian lead scoring
  • Automated engagement tools – surveys


Dianomi stats screenshot.


Additional Information about Dianomi

To connect and exchange with the company, one can visit their LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/dianomi-ltd/. 

You will also find them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/dianomi.

The company has 716 reviews on Glassdoor UK with 40% of the reviewers saying they would recommend Dianomi to their peers.

Additionally, for more reviews, you can head over to Cuspera. The website lists 136 reviews, giving the company an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. 

Follow this link to check out a comparison between Dianomi and its Native Ad competitors.

An article on the MediaPost website claimed that the company will soon launch an Ad Marketplace For Lifestyle Content. The network is said to initially serve automotive, fashion, travel, and hospitality verticals.

Furthermore, Aithority.com backed the above claim with a more insightful article including this quote from Dianomi’s CEO and Co-founder: “Lifestyle brands and publishers we work with have been asking us for a brand-suitable, premium native content solution and we are answering their call.” You can read the whole article here.

Finally, for more in-depth insights on the company, you may visit the News and Views” section of their website which features well-written pieces about the latest news in finance and online advertising. 


Example Of How Dianomi Might Be Helpful Within The Context Of Financial Marketing


For instance, let’s consider Chris, who is a high-level senior accountant in a specific market niche looking to ditch his full-time job and going into business for himself as a freelance online accountant.

Chris quickly opens a financial freelancing firm, only to find that he now has to face a tricky situation. Identifying marketplace opportunities and engaging new clients prove to be harder than anticipated.

Then, to better market his financial services, he seeks the help of Dianomi. He gets set up with platform and creates an innovative Cost-per-Click (CPC) campaign that targets the specific audience he wishes to serve. 

Dianomi Native ads about the services Chris’ financial firm offers are then shown to people looking to discover valuable content about finance. In other words, they provide value in the form of a guide, report, article, video, or product information. 

Dianomi helps Chris draw the attention of his potential clients through carefully tailored content. His website offers a lead magnet, which then brings the potential customers into his marketing funnel, where he eventually offers them a consultation, where he then sells them on his services.


That is the run down on Dianomi!




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