What Is Kajabi? Kajabi Overview, Pricing, Examples

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Kajabi is a well-known “all-in-one platform” for what is often referred to as “information marketing“.

According to their own words:

Kajabi… Empower(s) entrepreneurs, experts, and influencers who are serious about their business to achieve success online….

…#Kajabi is the only #KnowledgeCommerce platform for online course creation. Easily create, publish & sell products, marketing pages, sales funnels, online courses & membership sites….

Most individuals have encountered Kajabi either as a) the platform through which an online “course” they purchased was curated, or b) a possible choice for themselves when desiring to do the same thing, in terms of hosting an information “course” online.


Company Details

According to ZoomInfo, Kajabi is headquartered in Irvine, CA; has 48 employees; and is estimated at around $18 million in revenue per quarter, or 72$ million per year.

BusinessWire, however, noted in March 2020 that Kajabi had just hit a the one billion mark in lifetime revenue.

The BBB lists Kajabi’s location in Tustin, CA, rather than Irvine, and states that it was founded in 2006.

The Kajabi website itself states that:

Kajabi’s industry-leading all-in-one platform makes it simple to create a successful business online.

Since launching in 2010, Kajabi has empowered over 25,000 Kajabi users in 120 countries to serve 41 million students and make over $1.1 billion in sales.

By putting all the pieces of a successful business in one convenient platform, Kajabi lets entrepreneurs, experts and influencers (like you) get started and grow faster. As Kajabi co-founder and CEO Kenny Rueter explains, “Kajabi helps serious business owners get unstuck and just keep going.”


Other Relevant Information

Kajabi was featured prominently in Forbes in early 2020, in an article about online entrepreneurs thriving during the Covid-19 lockdown.

…If you have been laid-off or are seeking to supplement your income during these tumultuous times, it might be the moment to consider selling your own products or services online. The online course industry is estimated to reach $325 billion by 2025. Kajabi is a software platform that enables people to develop, market, and sell online courses and to build premium membership communities. Their most successful sellers are known as “Kajabi Heroes.” …

You can read the rest of the article at this link.


Kajabi’s YouTube channel currently hosts 156 videos, and has accumulated a little over 1.1 million views.

It’s most watched video is “Kajabi – How To Get Started” – which looks to be a successful video ad they used to run.

The company also has a small presence on Twitter, with just over 5000 followers at the time of this writing.



Kajabi Pricing

Kajabi’s pricing structure has three tiers.

“Basic” costs $149 a month or $119 a month if billed annually.

“Growth” costs $199 a month or $159 a month if billed annually.

And “Pro” costs $399 a month or $319 a month if billed annually.

All of them offer unlimited landing pages but “Basic” only offers 3 products and 3 pipelines, while “Growth” allows 15 products and 15 pipelines, and “Pro” allows 100 products and pipelines.

They all offer access to “Kajabi University” and all offer 0% transaction fees as well.

It also appears that each tier allows for hosting through Kajabi as well as the use of custom domain names.

There are additional differences, however, all of which can be found on their official pricing page here.

Note: Their website also states that there is a 30 day money-back guarantee as well.


Example Of How Kajabi Might Be Used Within Online Business

Sheila has been obsessed with growing heirloom tomatoes for over two decades.

Now that she has retired, she wants to combine her interest in heirloom tomatoes with her desire to start a business.

As a result, she decides to get into “Information Marketing” online, and sell courses teaching other individual how to successfully grow heirloom tomatoes.

She signs up for Kajabi, digests all the information available on how to use and succeed with the platform, and then goes about building her online presence through giving away information on YouTube and her blog.

And the fans she creates via those platforms are then routed to her paid courses that are sold through and hosted on Kajabi.

Unfortunately that is just a made-up example though, so if you were intrigued by the idea of heirloom tomatoes and wanted to dive in, you’ll have to find the information somewhere else 🙂




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