Who Is Dan Brock – The ‘Deadbeat Super Affiliate’?

Dan Brock


Dan Brock is a popular YouTuber whose channel is titled Deadbeat Super Affiliate.

Brock uses the ‘Deadbeat Super Affiliate’ persona as a form of ‘shtick’, appearing in videos in a bathrobe and making jokes about “making more money so [he] can spend more time sleeping”.

The self-deprecating humor is a defining feature of his YouTube channel and overall work, and in some videos Brock even describes himself as having attended Affiliate Marketing Conferences ‘in character’ wearing the Deadbeat ‘Uniform’ (aka the bathrobe).


Basic Details

The Deadbeat Super Affiliate YouTube channel has- at the time of this writing- 371 videos, and 181K subscribers.

It appears to be monetized primarily through courses sold by Brock, which teach affiliate marketing via organic traffic strategies like Content-Site SEO and YouTubing.

The ‘About’ page on YouTube references “Deadbeat, Inc” as the official business entity behind the channel.

It also describes the channel’s theme as such:

Learn all kinds of lazy but effective affiliate marketing/internet marketing tactics that REALLY work. These are tried and proven methods that I’ve learned over 10 years of during “Deadbeat” online marketing!


Notable Videos

The most viewed videos on the channel as of the time of this writing are:

How To Make $100 A Day As A Lazy 16 Or 17 Year Old – 1.5M views

Make Money Online With FREE Wix Websites – 1.1M views

How To Make $1000 A Day On Youtube (As A Lazy 14 Year Old) – 958k views


Example Videos:


Deadbeat Super Affiliate Website

There appear to be several websites associated with the ‘Deadbeat’ brand, though some appear not to have been updated in awhile.

These include:




Dan Brock Net Worth

Like many YouTubers, Google queries on Dan Brock’s “Net Worth” predominate.

We have no info on this question, but numerous videos on the channel contain Brock making references to earning over a million dollars profit in a given year.


Additional Info

Brock appears to be a thirty-something Caucasian man, and has described himself as living in Baltimore in some videos.

His videos frequently contain very positive comments from fans and viewers, and many comments praise his honest, down-to-earth approach.

In addition to the topic of Affiliate Marketing, he also often references economics and investing in his videos.





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