Who Is Todd Lamb? Bio, Online Presence, Overview

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Who Is Todd Lamb?

Todd Lamb is a successful internet marketer from Canada, who has created several well-known ‘information products’ such as The Flat Belly Fix and Specforce Alpha.

His website ‘Alpha Nation’ describes it’s mission as:

Developing your Strength, Power and Skills to Lead and Protect.



Todd Lamb is the owner of the website Alpha Nation. as well as the creator of a number hugely successful online ‘information products’ advertised across the internet.

Before this he was also apparently involved in the military and in law enforcement within his native Canada.

As he describes on his Alpha Nation website:

Professionally, I was a 17 year veteran police officer and a recently retired SWAT Team Leader with over 350 completed missions and in excess of a decade of experience on my team. Four of my years on the team were spent in the TL (team leader) role. Prior to joining SWAT I was a dog handler for 7 years having worked SWAT and Canine concurrently for 3 years, during that time I was fortunate enough to Capture 2 Canadian Police Canine Championships due in large part to my partner Police Service Dog Rogue. He was one of the most amazing animals I have ever encountered…and I’ve seen hundreds.

I was also a member of our Police Dive Unit immediately upon getting hired as a result of my commercial diving experience.

I have previous military experience in the Canadian Forces and earned my jump wings during my service. I was also awarded the Commandant’s shield as a recruit. My dream to become a Pathfinder was shattered when after receiving my transfer message to the Airborne, a scandal resulted in the entire unit being disbanded.


Internet Marketing

According to Lamb, while still working in law enforcement, he began creating “information products”, and had great success with one in particular called “Specforce Alpha”.

It’s description on Alpha Nation reads:

This body weight-only training system — originally designed to help special operators in the field stay at the top of their game — is the flagship workout program in the Specforce system. The only tactical fitness system created by a real-life operator for a year round alpha-male physique, status & confidence without the punishing Special Forces lifestyle.

In addition to Specforce Alpha, Lamb also created a number of other information products (listed in full in the next section below).

Some- such as The Flat Belly Fix– achieved great notoriety, and are well-known ‘affiliate marketing offers’ on the internet retailer and affiliate marketing platform Clickbank.



In interviews, Lamb has described the controversy that erupted during his last years on the swat team he belonged to in Canada, as a result of him publishing his first information product.

As Lamb describes it, certain politically-correct individuals within the local community took issue with a sitting member of the police force creating a product that used terminology like “Alpha Males”, which they viewed as “reactionary” and “sexist”.

He has referenced local newspaper articles about the situation, an example of which is the following Times Colonist article that states:

Lamb touts his experience as “the leader of an elite SWAT team and one of the top tactical fitness experts in the world”…

…Lamb shows photos of himself holding an assault rifle, surrounded by other tactical team members, their faces blacked out. Lamb is also seen target shooting at a gun range.

The video was decried by women’s advocates as sexist and completely inappropriate coming from a police officer who is sworn to protect the public.

Lamb said in the video it makes him “furious to see the sneaky feminization of the once proud male physique” and that he’s witnessing the “sissy-fication” of the male population.

He promises men who follow his “elite muscle program” will have a body “that’s as useful for taking down bad guys as it is for attracting the ladies.”

According to an interview he gave here, however, Lamb ended up getting the last laugh regarding the controversy, as his income from his internet marketing efforts had by then far exceeded his law enforcement salary, and he was able to resign and commit himself to his online business full-time.


Content And Products

As noted above, Todd Lamb has created a number of information products. These include:

Specforce Alpha

-Anabolic Finishers

The Flat Belly Fix

-Specforce Abs

-First Strike

Combat Fighter

Combat Shooter

Ground Fighter

-Tactical Muscle

-Tone Your Tummy

Eat, Sleep, Burn


It also appears that his website, Alpha Nation, sells some kind of membership program that includes “exclusive coaching”.

In terms of free content, The Alpha Nation website also contains a blog with numerous articles published.

Alpha Nation website screenshot.
Screenshot of the Alpha Nation blog by Todd Lamb.


In addition, there is also an “Alpha Nation” Youtube channel, although it doesn’t look to have been updated in several years.

The top three most watched videos on the channel are:

– “Best Butt Exercises For Guys” – 24k views

– “4 Supplements For Men Over 30” – 22k views

– “How To Win A Fight Home Invasion” – 11k views


Example video from Alpha Nation Youtube channel:



Online Presence And Publicity

In terms of social media, Alpha Nation appears to have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.


There are also several articles online from local Canadian newspapers detailing the controversy he was involved in (as relayed above), including ones from:

The Times Colonist


The Vancouver Sun

The National Post


Finally, there is also an interview with Lamb done by the Youtube channel 7 Figure Entrepreneur Podcast, which can be seen here and is also embedded below:




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