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Overview of Wholesale Ted

Wholesale Ted is a website and YouTube channel, run by the New Zealander Sarah Chrisp, that teaches people the actionable steps involved in opening an online store and making it profitable. 

Chrisp produces educational videos on YouTube, and offers various free resources, including helpful guides and two free ebooks, on the official Wholesale Ted website

A popular question among those following the channel seems to be why Wholesale Ted is named as such when the author is named Sarah Chrisp. According to Ippei Kanehara, the reason why the channel is called “Wholesale Ted” is as follows:

“Ted’s the name of her mentor that she’s working with, and this is a team effort, Sarah is in charge of the videos and Ted does the copywriting like newsletters.”

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Wholesale Ted YouTube

Created in November 2014, the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel has, as of the time of this writing, reached a subscriber count of over 919 thousand and has raked in over 37 million views. 

The channel currently contains 176 videos on a variety of topics related to dropshipping and e-commerce in general. Content on the YouTube channel ranges from e-commerce tips and advice on setting up a print-on-demand store to ‘Sarah Chrisp’s life stories’.

The About section of the channel details it in the following manner:

-Case studies on successful e-commerce stores.

-Tutorials for apps & online tools. 

-Low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods (Print On Demand & Dropshipping). 

-Discussion on more advanced product sourcing strategies (such as Wholesale combined with Fulfillment Centers).

-Sales psychology tactics to increase conversions & get customers to buy from you & to click on your ads.

-Videos to help you with the “legal stuff” (creating refund policies, setting up taxes, etc).

The most-watched video on the channel – a 27-minute video titled “10 Websites To Make Money Online For Free In 2020” has over 1 million views.

Here is what a regular video on the channel looks like. 


Notable Videos 


Wholesale Ted Dropshipping

The book titled “6-Step Formula that 6-Figure Dropshipping Stores Follow” is offered for free on the official Wholesale Ted website.

The book covers the following 6 steps that successful online stores use, namely: 

-How they sell items with profit margins over 100% using Dropshipping.

-How they sell items with insanely high conversions using Print On Demand.

-How they use upsells to then TRIPLE your profits.

-How they utilize low-cost, high-profit Facebook ads to drive sales.

T-he free tools & apps that you can use to get started creating your own store today.


Wholesale Ted Ecomm Clubhouse

Wholesale Ted offers a premium online course, called “The Ecomm Clubhouse” on a membership base. 

The program is designed “to help beginners who are launching their first store and who want curated tutorials from Wholesale Ted to help them.” The official website also claims that the course is Shopify-approved.

Here are the main features that users can benefit from when signing up according to Wholesale Ted:

-Store case studies & successful product break-downs. 

-Tutorials for e-commerce apps & online tools.

-Discussion on different product sourcing strategies such as Print On Demand, Dropshipping & -Wholesale buying & selling with fulfillment centers. 

-Sales psychology tactics to help you understand the humans behind the screen that are buying your products!

-Tips to help you with the “legal stuff” such as how to add sales taxes in your store & how to create a refund policy.


The Ecomm Clubhouse Pricing

To join The Ecomm Clubhouse, users have to pay $67 USD per month (plus local taxes if applicable). This will in turn give them access to a library of exclusive videos, that are not published on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel. 


7-Day Refund Policy 

The 7-day refund policy makes it so that members who are unhappy with their subscription can leave the program with a full refund within 7 days of signing up. On the website, the Wholesale Ted team state they have “some of the lowest refund rates in the industry because as you can see below, we have some of the happiest customers” 


Sarah Chrisp (Wholesale Ted) Net Worth 

Portrait of Sarah Chrisp
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Like with many digital content creators, a common query regarding Wholesale Ted appears to be “Sarah Chrisp (Wholesale Ted) Net Worth”.

While there are no sources online that provide legitimate info on this question at the time of this writing, Chrisp does speak about her financial status in various videos uploaded on the Wholesale Ted YouTube channel.

For instance, here is a video in which she addresses how she became a millionaire in her 20s.

Here is another one in which she breaks down the 5 income streams that allowed her to earn $1000 a day.


Sarah Chrisp Online Presence And Publicity 

In an interview for the entrepreneur.com’s Member Showcase, Sarah Chrisp shared the following insight about her journey as an entrepreneur:

“As a teenage entrepreneur, I was bad at shipping products on time. I’d already made the money, and found the fulfillment part “boring.” I just wanted to focus on making more sales. Not only was this rude; it undoubtedly ruined what could have been long-term relationships with my customers.

I would tell my younger self that business is a marathon, not a sprint. Now, a huge part of my focus is perfecting the customer experience, mostly because I feel ethically obligated to. But as a bonus, this also creates repeat buyers and more money.”

In another interview, Chrisp explained why she was a big advocate of the “side hustle”, especially in a post-Covid world, saying that

“Having a side hustle diversifies your income streams and makes you more financially resilient. We are taught to diversify our investments, so we should apply that same advice to our income sources and diversify them too.” 

You may read the whole interview here.


Below is a list of social media accounts where Wholesale Ted/Sarah Crisp can be found online:







To learn more about Sarah Chrisp, head over to Wholesale Ted’s YouTube channel or any of the social media profiles listed above. To find out more about setting up an online store or making your existing one more profitable, consider getting the free ebook posted on the website here.




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