Why Voyager Is Our Top Recommended Crypto App

Voyager homepage.
Courtesy of investvoyager.com. Note: Voyager is only available in the US at this time.


Most of our articles here at OBpedia are meant to be objective, Wiki-style breakdowns of important terms, people, and platforms within the world of online business.

Like most websites, though, we partner with certain companies we believe in as a means of supporting the site and its mission.

One such company is Voyager.

We here on the OBpedia editorial team have used literally dozens of crypto exchanges and apps, and Voyager is 100% our top recommended one.

You can get 25$ in free Bitcoin when you sign up for Voyager through our affiliate link here, or use the referral code JUL9D2. First though, here’s 5 reasons why Voyager is our #1 recommended crypto app!


5 Reasons You Should Try Voyager Today


One: Voyager  provides you automatic yield on the crypto you hold in their app.

Voyager has pioneered the concept of providing its customers opportunities to earn yield (or “interest”, or “passive income” as it is sometimes called) on their crypto holdings.

Right now, for instance, you can earn 6.25% on your Bitcoin.

That means if you have 10k worth of Bitcoin, you could be earth over 50$ per month on it!

If you have 100k of Bitcoin, you could be earning $6,250 per year on it!

You can also earn 9% interest on USDC- a stablecoin that is pegged to the US dollar. That’s WAY more than any bank will give you.

Other platforms like Coinbase give basically zero options for earning yield on your crypto. Still others let you earn yield, but only if you lock up your crypto for months at a time and agree not to sell it.

Voyager, on the other hand, let’s you earn yield in a flexible manner, where you can sell your crypto at any time!


Two: Voyager is a legit company that is actually listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange.

While some crypto platforms are a little bit iffy, Voyager has build a solid foundation as a legit business, and the fact that its a publicly traded company means it has to abide by much stricter levels of transparency and compliance, giving its users greater peace of mind.


Three: Voyager has a large number of digital assets you can trade.

While some crypto exchanges only have a small number of available tokens, Voyager provides dozens of top coins you can invest in, and is continually adding more.


Four: It’s simple and easy to use.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of getting into crypto, but Voyager makes it easy. It has a simple ux that is very similar to apps like Robin Hood or eToro. It also has an ongoing news feed on the home page of the app that curates the most important articles in crypto for you, so you always know what’s going on.


Five: Commission-free trading.

As Voyager states on its website:

As a licensed-crypto asset broker, Voyager connects to the world’s leading exchanges and market makers. Our advanced trading technology identifies inefficiencies in the crypto market and takes advantage of pricing disparities to save our customers money. We take a fraction of the savings and pass the rest on to you, which allows Voyager to operate commission-free* and keeps us motivated to save you money on every order.


Are there any reasons not to use Voyager?

We always want to be objective in our articles, whether their our normal wiki-style ones or affiliate recommendations like this one.

As a result there’s one things we would note to that effect, which is that Voyager is a broker rather than an exchange.

They allow for free trades, however the ‘spread’ between bid/asks on prices may be wider than via centralized or decentralized exchanges.

As a result, if you are looking to day-trade and change positions regularly, we would recommend Binance or FTX instead, however if you are looking to “hodl” long-term, and earn APR from your crypto positions, Voyager is definitely our top recommendation!


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*Get the full breakdown on Voyager’s commission-free model by clicking here and visiting the app.
Note: Please remember that crypto is extremely volatile and you can lose some or all of your money by investing in it.