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Willy Woo wiki.
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Who Is Willy Woo?

Willy Woo is a New Zealander and an author, investor, technologist, and cryptocurrency advocate. Woo used to be a content contributor for Forbes and CoinDesk.

Woo is best known for his The Bitcoin Forecast newsletter where he features predictions of the general trends of Bitcoin’s price movements.

This Willy Woo wiki will break down the crypto pioneer’s bio, background, net worth, and more.


Willy Woo Bio And Background

Willy Woo first found out about Bitcoin in 2013, according to his online blog Woobull:

I’m no stranger to tech, I first heard the word “Bitcoin” within my startup. It was 2013 and I was compelled to buy my first coin; 1 BTC. By 2014, on the island of Bali where a burgeoning Bitcoin community was very much alive, I fell down the rabbit hole. By 2016 I’d started full time research into the space, funded only by my own curiosity.

Woo’s LinkedIn profile states that since 2016, he has been a seed-level equity investor in a number of crypto infrastructure companies, including Exodus Wallet, Radix DLT, and LVL.

Woo worked as an Analyst at Adaptive Capital from February 2019 to March 2020.

In October 2020, Woo founded cryptocurrency market intelligence newsletter The Bitcoin Forecast.


Woo’s Bitcoin price predictions

Willy Woo has made Bitcoin price predictions several times.

In April 2021, Woo told in an interview with SALT that he believed Bitcoin price would reach $300,000 to $400,000 in December 2021.

Crypto Globe provided a number of quotes from the interview:

Essentially that gives us a little shove on the price if you’ve got half the amount of sell power from new coins being mined, you get a bullish impulse, and in all the past cycles it seems that that bullish impulse manifests into this crazy run up. The last one was 2017, [it] took us from $1,000 to $20,000. It tends to peter out around the fourth quarter, around December.


So ball-parking, December, [based on] that top-cap model of mine: It could be anywhere in the $300,000 to $400,000 range, it might even go higher. But we need to see how it performs over the next six months.

In June 2021, on the Unchained Podcast, Woo provided a reevaluated, lowered Bitcoin price estimate of $200,000 near the end of 2021.

Among other things, Woo said on the podcast:

[Bitcoin] was starting to look like it was winding up to $300K, $400K even $500,000 near the end of this year. Now it’s starting to reduce its trajectory. It looks like it’ll comfortably reach $200,000. It might reach $300,000, but we have to see how that develops.

He also opined that the market hadn’t yet exited the bull stage and that the price volatility of the previous months had been caused by a big correction.

Additionally, Woo has published a number of charts on his Woobull blog. One of them features prominent Bitcoin prediction models, several of which (such as CVDD and NVT Price) have been authored by Woo himself.

Bitcoin price trend models.
Courtesy of charts.Woobull.com.


NVT values the network based on its on-chain investor volume, while CVDD (Cumulative Value Days Destroyed) is based on the ratio of the cumulative sum of value-time destruction (caused by cryptocurrency trading between investors) to the market age.

Woo states that CVDD has predicted historical Bitcoin price bottoms with “remarkable accuracy.”

CVDD predictions.
Courtesy of Woobull.com.


Woo’s charts also display Bitcoin’s volatility compared to other assets, Bitcoin’s inflation rate, and the investment returns of Bitcoin vs gold, among other things.


Willy Woo’s Bitcoin Newsletter

Willy Woo runs The Bitcoin Forecast paid newsletter on the Substack newsletter platform. His newsletter offers BTC price trend predictions, macro analysis of the cryptocurrency market, and access to Q & A sessions.

Woo claims that historically, his forecasts have been 95% accurate, based on predictions he made on Twitter since 2017 and in his newsletter.

Woo releases a new edition of the newsletter at least every 2-3 weeks.


Willy Woo Net Worth

Willy Woo’s net worth is unknown, and likely vacillates up and down considerably if it is held largely in Bitcion, due to Bitcoin’s volatility.

While no concrete figures exist on Woo’s net worth, he has spoken about his early embrace of Bitcoin when it was at extremely low prices on Twitter, suggesting he accumulated significant amounts:


Online Presence And Publicity

Willy Woo is present on Twitter and LinkedIn.

In 2021, Cointelegraph named Woo one of the most notable individuals in the blockchain space. Other noteworthy figures on the list include Ethereum co-founder and Polkadot founder Gavin Wood, co-founder of Alameda Research and the FTX derivatives exchange Sam Bankman-Fried, Digital Currency Group founder and billionaire Barry Silbert, and Kraken digital asset exchange founder Jesse Powell.

Woo appeared on crypto investor Preston Pysh’s Bitcoin Fundamentals podcast alongside crypto analyst Plan B in early 2021. Additionally, Crypto entrepreneur Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano interviewed Woo on his podcast in summer 2021.




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