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Youtube Sponsorships


As is commonly known, one way to go about monetizing a YouTube channel is through ads, via the ‘YouTube Partner Program’, but this pathway is only accessible after a specific number of subscribers and watch hours and approval by YouTube.

A YouTube sponsorship, on the other hand, is a creative collaboration between a YouTuber and a brand, and is a valuable alternative and/or compliment to monetizing via ads with the YouTube Partner Program.

This collaboration or sponsorship reaps benefits for both parties – the brand gains increased exposure from the promotional material that the YouTuber creates, while the YouTube content creator generates revenue from their creative and marketing efforts.

This process seems fairly straightforward. However, there are more factors that come into play when trying to get sponsored on YouTube, and in deciding how best to implement such a strategy.

This article aims to offer a clear overview of all the essential aspects involved, starting with the basics. 


YouTube Sponsorships Vs YouTube Partner Program

By joining the YouTube Partner Program, a channel may be able to earn money through the following: 

  • Ads – These are simply video campaigns that run on YouTube and across the web through Google Ads. 
  • Channel memberships – Channel memberships allow viewers to join a channel through monthly payments and get enjoy perks like badges, emoji, and more.
  • Merchandise – The merchandise shelf allows some creators to showcase their official branded merchandise on YouTube. The merch shelf appears on some video pages of eligible channels.
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers – A Super Chat is, essentially, a paid comment by a viewer of a live stream. Viewers can also buy super stickers, which can be animated images, to support the YouTuber.  
  • YouTube Premium – If a viewer who is subscribed to YouTube Premium watches someone’s content, the YouTuber automatically receives part of the recurring fee the viewer pays for YouTube Premium. 


However, all of the above require that your channel strictly adheres to the entirety of YouTube’s frequently revised and updated guidelines, an endeavor that might prove tricky for some. They, thus, run the risk of their content uploaded to YouTube being demonetized. (To stay updated on YouTube’s community guidelines, click here.)

Furthermore, generating revenue via the YouTube partner program may not offer the freedom or flexibility that many content-creators wish for.

Getting sponsored on YouTube, on the other hand, opens up multiple avenues for a YouTube channel, and provides a much greater level of independence and flexibility.

A sponsorship can make for an additional source of income; can give the content creator access to free products; can open opportunities for new collaborations; and can help extend the channel’s reach and influence. YouTube is often touted as one of the ideal platforms for influencer marketing, and sponsorships seem to be a natural outgrowth of this in a manner that ad revenue via the partner program isn’t. 

Unsurprisingly, sponsorships and “influencer marketing” in general are growing at a massive pace within the digital economy.

In a blog post published on June 16th, 2020, YouTube BrandConnect’s Product Manager, Henry Scott-Green stated that “the influencer marketing industry as a whole is projected to reach $15 billion by 2022.” 


How To Get Sponsored on YouTube

Revenue from YouTube Sponsorships

A starting point as well as one of the most significant factors in getting sponsored on YouTube is evidently your audience base, which needs to be of a substantial enough size to warrant the efforts involved in a sponsorship. 

And, obviously, the greater your audience size the successful most sponsorships will be, presuming your audience is engaged.

But while having a significant audience may be a key element to landing sponsorship deals, there are also several other elements you need to factor in your decision to get sponsorships. 

Before attempting sponsorship deals, it is likely wise to ensure that your channel meets the following prerequisites:


When you are ready to take the plunge, you can approach brands directly, or use sponsorship platforms (listed in the below section) which make the process even smoother and quicker. 


Types of YouTube Sponsorship 


Affiliate Sponsorship

This may be somewhat distinct from what people commonly view as a ‘sponsorship’, but can be a much easier way to reap the benefits of sponsorships without the same logistical investment.

Affiliate sponsorships are effectively you as the YouTuber selecting affiliate products from an affiliate network which you in turn share with your audience. Every time a member of your audience clicks on the link to the product and then buys it or performs the desired action, you get paid by the affiliate network.

Examples of this could include:

-Product review channels presenting Amazon affiliate links in their video description.

-Gaming channels presenting affiliate links for popular games with affiliate setups, such as Forge Of Empires or Vikings

-Financial channels presenting their audience links to financial CPA offers such as life insurance lead-gen offers, or financial app install offers

Some popular affiliate sponsorships for YouTube could include Amazon, Skillshare, and Target. Some affiliate networks that have offers like those listed above could include Clickbooth (who we profiled here) and MaxBounty (who we profiled here).


Direct Product Sponsorships

Direct product sponsorships are when you work directly with a brand or company to promote their product to your audience, either for a set amount of compensation, a variable amount of compensation depending on results, or even just in return for a free sample of the product.

These product sponsorships are fairly easy to secure, as new companies are always on the lookout for channels to promote their products. 

When looking for product sponsorships, you need to be careful about the type of product you will be advertising to your audience. You need to ensure that it is relevant to their interests, firstly because you don’t want to risk losing subscribers, and secondly, you have to deliver on the promises you make to your sponsors. 


Direct Channel Sponsorships

Among all the forms of sponsorship listed on this page, this might be the most prized, as it would involve a company sponsoring your entire channel as a whole, and providing you ongoing revenue in return for the ongoing publicity and/or clicks that result.

This represents a much greater investment on the part of the sponsor, but the benefits to the YouTuber are obvious, since recurring monthly revenue is typically prized over smaller and less consistent bursts of revenue.


Youtube Sponsorship/Influencer-Marketing Companies


YouTube BrandConnect Overview

YouTube BrandConnect, formerly FameBit, is possibly the biggest platform offering a multitude of YouTube sponsorships. The platform offers a simple and secure monetization service that allows creators and brands to collaborate via branded content campaigns. 

This service is derived from a well-rounded effort of serving all parties involved –  it drives revenue to content creators, provides measurable campaigns for brands, and provides viewers with relevant content.

As part of the YouTube BrandConnect, all YouTubers retain creative control and are completely in charge of who they choose to work with. 

According to the official page, here are the minimum eligibility requirements channel owners must meet to be part of YouTube BrandConnect:

For a complete overview of the platform, you may undertake this tutorial offered on the YouTube Creator Academy platform.


Grapevine Overview

Grapevine marketplace

This platform makes YouTube sponsorships accessible to both, major content creators and budding YouTubers. Grapevine caters to both creators and brands and helps the two connect in a safe and trustful environment.

To qualify, YouTubers need to have reached  10,000 subscribers on their channels. Content creators that have already crossed that threshold can access the Grapevine Shops, a marketplace teeming with sponsorship opportunities.

However, the platform allows micro-influencers to still sign up and reach out to the team


NeoReach Overview

Neoreach homepage

NeoReach is another influencer marketing platform that caters to YouTubers. The company recently did a report, titled Youtube Influencer Marketing Global Spend Report: Q2, 2020 in collaboration with Influencer Marketing Hub. 

The report features data from a selection of over 6000 total YouTube videos that were sifted through by the NeoReach Social Intelligence API. The videos were chosen based on the criteria that their campaigns with sponsored content achieved at least 10,000 views. 

Some of the key insights from the report include the following:

  • Over 1,300 brands are paying YouTubers to sponsor their products, this is an all-time high in unique branded partnerships.
  • 25 brands spent more than $1M on influencer marketing and 3 brands spent more than $10M – Honey, Bang Energy, Express VPN. 
  • EPIC Games, activated 78 unique influencers, had over 76M total views! This was 3x more than the next 4 gaming companies combined! 



YouTubers do not have to wait for their channel to turn into a large and mainstream one before pursuing sponsorships. New and intermediate digital content creators with relatively small channels can also benefit from additional streams of revenue by getting sponsored on YouTube.

We recommend you learn more and keep up with YouTube’s community guidelines, by clicking here, and continue to read our site for more information on online commerce and digital marketing best practices.





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