About Us


OBpedia.com- the “Online Business Encyclopedia”- exists to provide basic information on the world of digital commerce.

Our goal is to make the site an accessible, thorough database of information on this subject, much like other online ‘Encyclopedias’ that serve the same purpose in their respective niches.

To that end, we are researching, writing, and curating a compendium of articles on every facet of the Online Business world, sorted through categories such as Terms, People, Products, Companies, and Recommendations.


A Note On The Term “Online Business”

When we say “Online Business”, we do not mean the internet as a whole.

While obviously commerce and monetization infuse every impression and click across the internet, and are the underground river through which all online information flows, we do not consider the internet as a whole- or ‘internet culture’- within our purview.

Neither are we focused on the technological aspects of the internet in and of themselves.

We are focused only on the nexus of the internet and business.

By business, we are also not referring to massive corporations that provide the architecture of the internet such as Facebook or Google. Certainly articles on Facebook and Google advertising can be found on the site, as their ad platforms are important parts of the digital commerce landscape. However, the entities themselves- while technically ‘businesses’, represent something entirely different, and are therefore outside our scope.


OBpedia.com exists to provide useful, easy-to-understand information on the real world of online business, the one allows everyday people across the world to build self-sustaining income and wealth through the act of creating value.

This website represents our own attempt at doing the same, and we sincerely hope you find it useful!