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James Rickards.
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Who Is James Rickards?/James Rickards Wiki

James “Jim” G. Rickards is a prominent American author, investment advisor, economist, global strategist, and lawyer. He is widely known for his criticism of the United States financial system and his advocacy of gold as a means of wealth preservation.

The Globalist states that Rickards advises the United States Department of Defense, the US intelligence community, and major hedge funds on global financial issues.

Rickards has participated in significant political and economic events, including the release of US hostages in Iran (1981), the Stock Market crash of 1987, the collapse of Drexel (1990), the Salomon Bros. bond trading scandal (1991), and the LTCM financial crisis (1998).

This wiki-style breakdown will cover James Rickards’ net worth, bio, background, and more.


Bio And Background


The website of The James Rickards’ Project states that Rickards graduated with honors from Johns Hopkins University. He has also received an M.A. (Master of Arts) in international economics from SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University), Juris Doctor (J.D., or Doctor of Law) from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and an LL.M. (Legum Magister, or Master of Laws) in Taxation from the New York University School of Law.

Rickards has held senior positions at organizations including Citibank, Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM), and Caxton Associates. The Globalist adds that Rickards served as the Senior Managing Director at merchant bank Tangent Capital Partners LLC and Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at consulting firm Omnis, Inc.

Rickards currently serves on the Board of Advisors of the Center on Economic and Financial Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He is also the Director of The James Rickards Project – an inquiry into the complex dynamics of global capital and geopolitics.

In 1998, Rickards was the principal negotiator of the rescue of Long-Term Capital Management sponsored by the United States Federal Reserve. In that year, a group of fourteen banks and brokerage firms invested $3.6 billion in LTCM to prevent its collapse, according to Federal Reserve History.

In September 2009, Rickards testified about the risks of financial modeling before the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight of the United States House of Representatives. Among other things, Rickards covered flaws in financial modeling that had contributed to the 2007-2008 financial crisis.

In a 2017 interview with Financial Post, Rickards said that gold can serve as a tool for wealth preservation in the “next crisis.” At the same time, he warned that once the crisis happens, gold will be difficult to obtain.

So in the next crisis, coming sooner than later for the reason I explained, and will be worse than the last one, also because of the scale of the system, look for banks and money market funds and other institution stock exchanges to first of all shut down; they’re not going to print their way out of it, they’re going to shut down the system. And then look for the IMF to ride to the rescue with these SDRs, which will be highly inflationary. You’re going to want your gold, but you want to get your gold now. Don’t wait till this happens, because you won’t be able to get it.

Rickards was a facilitator and participant of the first-ever Financial War Game conducted by the US Pentagon. The Financial War Game was held at Warfare Analysis Laboratory – a top-secret facility of Johns Hopkins University.

Rickards shares some details about the Game in an interview with Applico published on YouTube in January 2021.

The full interview is presented below.


What does Jim Rickards think of Bitcoin?


In his Applico interview, Rickards also talked about Bitcoin. He thinks that Bitcoin has no use or real value. He considers Bitcoin an extremely risky investment as well.


James Rickards As An Author


James Rickards has authored a number of popular books:

The audiobook versions of the books are available on Audible.

The works of Rickards primarily center around the fragility of the US and the global economies.

In Currency Wars, Rickards argued that global financial trends and currency manipulation by countries like China are a national security threat to the United States.

In The New Great Depression, Rickards argues that most employees fired due to the COVID pandemic will remain redundant, that bankruptcies will be common, and that banks will not be able to handle bad debt.

Rickards’ Audible profile states that he serves as an Op-Ed contributor to Financial Times, Evening Standard, New York Times, and Washington Post. He also serves as the Editor of the Strategic Intelligence financial newsletter.


What Is James Rickards’ Net Worth?

James Rickards has made millions at Greenwich Capital and at Long-Term Capital Management, Forbes writes. Rickards also told Forbes he had probably been the highest-paid lawyer on Wall Street, making “a couple million dollars a year.”

In the 1998 LTCM collapse, Rickards lost 92% of his net worth in a week, Forbes writes.

So I’m all in at land Long Term Capital, right? A big stack, it was all in Long Term Capital. So that week… I lost 92% of everything. I ended up 8 cents on the dollar. So I wasn’t broke, but I got, like, six figures out of what I put in. . . .

The exact current net worth of James Rickards is unknown.


Online Presence And Publicity

James Rickards is present on Twitter.

Rickards was featured on Raoul Pal’s Real Vision in 2019.





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