What Are ‘Solo Ads’?

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What Is A Solo Ad?

Solo Ads, are, by definition, advertisements sent to the subscribers of someone’s email list with the goal of promoting a single product, a service, or an offer, hence the term “solo ad”. 

Upon receiving the email, the subscribers then decide whether they are interested in the information presented, and if so, click on the link included to visit the sales or landing page of the promoted product or service.

Solo ads are, in essence, a marketing strategy similar to pay-per-click (PPC), native advertising, or display advertising, albeit via the medium of email. They can be quite effective in acquiring customers because the traffic is warm referral traffic sent to one’s offer by email list owners in that particular niche, who- ideally- have earned the trust of their email subscribers.


How Does A Solo Ad Work?

As per an article published by Jimmy Kim, the co-founder and CEO of Sendlane, an email marketing SaaS marketed specifically to the e-commerce sector:

A quick list or solo email ad is a one-time email blast sent on behalf of another party to their own email list, typically for a fee. Typically this is a flat-fee or performance based.

The ‘quick list’ component actually refers to a list that has already been built, but by someone else. This is not the same as purchasing an email list where you do get the email and contact information of people.

The list being emailed to is created, owned and maintained by the person or company you are paying. You do not have access to their list as the email is sent by the person or company who owns it.

Here is a video from the popular internet marketer- and the co-founder of Sendlane Anik Singal, explaining how to leverage a good email list for unlimited traffic, and monetization strategies such as solo ads.

Singal’s main focus within the world of online commerce is email marketing. In one of his Facebook posts, he mentioned that he sends the staggering amount of about 14.4 million emails per month.

He has also discussed why email marketing is a powerful tool for entrepreneurs today, how to build an email marketing business, and much more on his own podcast and other interviews. Learn more about him with our in-depth breakdown here.


Where To Buy Solo Ads

There are quite a lot of sites that will sell you access to their lists. You can buy solo ads either at a marketplace, or from private sellers.

Below is a screenshot of a popular marketplace, named Udimi.

Screenshot of Udimi
Courtesy of udimi.com


There are a number of big marketplaces, such as Udimi and SoloAdsX, where solo ad buyers can match up with a solo ad seller.  Finding a seller depends on your niche, say weight loss or the latest tech. 

The marketplaces a wide range of sellers and you can easily find a match by going through their overall ratings, history, rates, and more. Naturally the price and quality of the traffic will tend to vary from vendor to vendor.



We hope that this article will help clue you in on what Solo Ads are and how they work.  It is important to keep in mind that it is merely intended as a quickstart guide and that you would need to conduct further research before delving into it. 




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